Dinosaur Sixth Birthday


This is going to seem a little out of order, since we’re not nearly caught up on everything that happened this summer, but it’s Si’s b’day and i want to post for the family while it’s still fresh news. We had a really delightful/steamy hot/full day. How bout some pictures?


One of his long term wishes/dreams has been breakfast in bed. His dream came true and it was even Saturday- junk cereal day! So he got Cap’n Crunch, a sprinkle donut, and cantalope. Sugar rush! 


Our season pass is about to run out, so we made one last (really fun) trip to the zoo. We have really, loved this place. It’s been a big part of our Columbus experiences and we’ll have a lot of great memories from visiting many, many times this year. To kick of the dinosaurish theme of the day, we started with the dinosaur boat ride (no waiting! Hurray!) 

DSC_0869 DSC_0860

It was so funny how he kept busting out animal facts all day. Like, “Yep, that’s a gator all right! It’s got…(something about the nose shape and color).” “Hey Mom, do you know how the boy flamingos get attention from the girls? They do this!” (big strut with head to one side, than the other). “Those are not orangutan hands, they are feet!” “Those are definitely river otters because I recognize their faces.” etc, etc. 

 DSC_0872 DSC_0884 DSC_0881 DSC_0874 DSC_0891


A big event was riding a camel for the first time! 

DSC_0948 DSC_0957 DSC_0971

Present time- always exciting! (we got that adorable whale from Dietrich and Abbey’s Etsy shop). Si was a little intimidated by his new BIG bike, but he loved it’s name (RIP CLAW) and quickly put his fierce face on (above). We went for a family bike ride in the wetlands and he was pretty impressed with how much faster he can go!


Supper was fried chicken and coleslaw from Maya’s and sides by mom (mac and cheese, mashed potatoes). His only request was the mashed potatoes but he seemed to like it all. 


For his cake I stuck with the dinosaur theme and made him an excavation site with dinosaur bones. He got to be a paleontologist and dig up the bones with that mini shovel so he thought that was pretty fun. 


He said many times that this was the best day ever (which is not that unusual for him!). I hope he keeps feeling that way about life. 🙂  Silas, we love your enthusiasm about so many things in life and the way you are learning so much and growing up so fast.  Along with dinosaurs, you love sharks, Planes (movie and actual), cars, trains, animal facts, riding bike, playing soccer, reading, Wild Kratts tv show, drawing (and taping), legos, and playing with Eliza. You are smart and we learn a lot from you about all kinds of animals, especially bees. We are so proud of how well you are reading. You are such a big first grader now and we hope you have a wonderful year and learn a lot from Mrs. McCualsky!  We love you so much! xxoo


One thought on “Dinosaur Sixth Birthday

  1. Delores Mast says:

    fun post! What a special boy!

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