Sorry, blog

Sorry, blog for all the recent ignoring.


It’s very, very hard to believe that we are gearing up for school already. Here we are getting our school supplies all sorted. We have orientations coming up, are eagerly waiting to meet the kids’ new teachers and the excitement is growing to start soon!

What a great and full summer it’s been! So much to catch up on here! Let’s start with Grandparent week and Only Kid week. The girls went off to spend time in Delaware, followed by Virginia while we hung out with Si at home.

From Claire, highlights of her time in Delaware included:

swimming in Grandpa Schrock’s pool

blueberry picking

weeding the garden

walking Penny (the donkey) with Grandpa

helping Grandma make bread and butter pickles

Dutch Blitz


GMC Bible School

beach day with cousins

Highlights of time in Virginia:

jumping on the trampoline

lawn jam at OCP

making monkey bread with Grandmom

going to Book Fair with Grandaddy

playing in the hose with cousins

visiting Aunt Anita and playing in the creek

tacos/games/slip-n-slide with Dietrich and Abby (and new skits!)

Thai food in teepee

playing with Soren

Tom and I missed the girls during their week and a half away, but we also really enjoyed our time with just Silas. He’s never been an only child, so this was his chance. I realized how easy it is to spoil an only child! I was always wanting to give him treats and fun times because the girls weren’t around to play with him! He did have a “sibling” for a few days while we dogsat for my friend Carmal’s dog, Milo. So that was fun.  Highlights were a trip to the zoo, UNO tournament (Si won), Milo time, COSI, and going to see Kenyan acrobats down by the river…

DSC_0018 DSC_0031 DSC_0050 DSC_0058 DSC_0065 DSC_0074



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