Little Things (Summer)

Ah, family bike rides, eating outside, lots of reading time. I love how it feels like time slows down in the summer (at least the non-traveling parts). Here are some of the little things we’ve been up to, besides our jobs :)…


We like the idea of adding a few skills during the summer. One goal for this summer is both Claire and Eliza learning how to type. We found an online tutorial that is working well. Eliza likes to cover up the “cheats” with post it notes. Also note uncombed summer hair. She would never comb her hair if I didn’t have something to say about it! Claire, meanwhile is learning how to make breakfasts for herself for this upcoming year of rising early for middle school.

DSC_0006 DSC_0010

Sam (Thai friend) came over for some World Cup action. We got cable for the month so we’re having a lot of fun watching the games. Si and Sam played soccer during halftime.  (behind Sam’s head, you can see my b’day gift ( Home Is Wherever I’m with You print) framed and on the wall. I love it!


Si and I enjoyed a weekend on our own while Tom preached in Grantsville and the girls headed to Delaware to be with their grandparent. We made mini-pizzas and watched Charlotte’s Web (finished reading it too). We also loved being at the baptism at our church on Sunday. The testimonies of new believers are so encouraging and we got to go down to the river to see them baptized. Si asked if he is a Christian (Chrishkin) even though he’s not baptized. I asked if he follows Jesus and he said yes and seemed reassured. He is planning his baptism for his 7th birthday he says.


It was fun to have Rhonda and Nixson stay with us a few nights over the weekend and they joined us for the Portugal/U.S. nailbiter.  Very fun to watch in spite of the sad ending! Sam joined us again too and brought some really delicious Korean melon popsicles that we all loved.)

I think all the pics of father’s day are on Tom’s phone, but lets just say it was personalized to Tom, therefore totally food-themed. 🙂 Taco truck for lunch after church, Ray Rays (BBQ) gift certificates, and hotdogs at a Clippers game.

It’s strange not having the girls around but we’re having fun treating Silas like an only child and they are having a wonderful time going to Bible school and spending time with Grandpa and Grandma. On Saturday, they head to VA for some time with Grandaddy and Grandmom too.


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