Suddenly Summer

And then after our busy week, we settled down and realized, it’s SUMMER! Tom and I are enjoying our alternating work days and staying home with the kids days.  The kids are loving sleeping in and having way more reading time. We’ve signed up for the summer reading program. We’re seeing first fireflies and Silas is practicing riding bike on his own. The girls are learning to pitch and catch with new gloves and Tom gave them their first tennis lesson. Claire is preparing for her early mornings of middle school by learning to cook breakfasts independently- eggs in a hole, french toast, and scrambled eggs so far.

One night we went out to celebrate school ending and the start of summer….


Tacos from the Mexican food truck (recommended by Dion)

It was hilarious how four plates of these….




Turned into four empty plates in like six minutes flat. Rhodes family, they were auta-hentic for sure.


Next stop was Hilltop Dairy Freeze- famous for it’s soft serve.


Matchy match. Black shirts and mint ice cream.


Desperate licking.


Never get tired of this view driving home. I always say, ” look at the pretty city!” and my family ignores me.




Tom is reading Reddy Fox to Si and I’m reading Charlotte’s Web. The other day, he was waiting for me to read while I talked with Claire. He covered the book in notes to me while he waited (what’s for lunch? when can we?).





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