Hearing World Cup coverage, smelling BBQ smoke

Tom’s busy watching the game and cooking chicken on the grill, so I’m taking this chance to at least start up again on this poor silent blog. In the interest of catching up fast, I’m afraid this is going to be one of those long “This Was May” kind of posts.


Si got to go to a super fun birthday party for his friend Sam at Super Games (no good pics) where he got to play laser tag and play all games of fun games with his friends. Meanwhile, girly movie and pizza night. The girls were really excited about putting raspberries in their Sprite. 🙂


Mother’s Day was really special- my family spoiled me with sweetness, special food, and homemade cards.


Tom made this delish Moroccan chicken. Carmen- oh the sacrilege- boxed couscous!


Thanks, cute boy.


Claire had her big dance performance at a theater downtown. It was so fun to see it all come together and watch fifth graders from all over the city perform. I was bursting with pride!


We loved watching pretty blue eggs turn into cute little robin babies and then watching them wobble out of the nest- supervised by their robin parents and concerned pair of cardinals.

DSC_0708 DSC_0712

Visit from our dear Rhonda and Nixson! We are so thrilled to finally see them together again. Silas was so, so happy to be back with his buddy Nixson. Those two are great friends. A very fun picnic in spite of being chased inside by tornado warnings! They spent a couple of nights with us.

DSC_0716 DSC_0720 DSC_0727


Tom turned 39! Poor guy had staff meeting all day on his b’day so it wasn’t the most festive. He even had to grill his own steak! :)But we did make a big homemade card and he got a lot of coffee-related gifts including a soft brew coffee maker.   We had cheesecake with Rhonda and Nixson later that night. Like the card said “We feel lucky to be your family!”


DSC_0752 DSC_0753

The kids had all kinds of end of school events.  We had fun at Eliza’s poetry breakfast but it seemed like the highlight for all the third graders were the timbits (donut holes)!  Both had a final project- the third graders studied the wonders of Columbus and fifth studied the wonders of the world. So Eliza created a replica of a building in Columbus (Orton Hall at OSU) and Claire made a rice krispie treat Pyramid of Giza. Si and Eliza both had fun farm field trips. Tom enjoyed chaperoning Si’s trip to the farm and Si was in heaven learning all about bees (he wrote a “nonfiction book about bees” of which is he very proud. You can ask him anything about bees!).


Small group! We’re studying Mark these days- the picture is missing our friend Amie and also Phil Elfrink who joined recently. Amie’s husband Nathaniel just came back from a year in Afghanistan and has joined us too.  Love these guys.

More soon!


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