Spring weekend

Oh, we are LOVING this weather! Balmy, breezy and 70s and 80s feel like heaven!! Yesterday we enjoyed a family walk/bike/scooter to the wetlands and the leaves were out and we got to see a deer!…and Si and Claire rolled down a hill and got all itchy.  A few of our weekend activities…


Friday night, some of our friends came to visit and eat pizza before returning to China for good. Remember Zhen and Anakin? We got to meet their mom/wife too! I was so amazed- she brought us an incredible gift. Not one but TWO sets of china plates- all the way from China in their own special case! I was thinking, wow, I would be happy with one plate and here she brought two SETS of plates- pretty much the hardest possible thing to bring in luggage! So, so generous. I’m really in love with the red blossom pattern- I’ll make sure to post a picture sometime. We’re using the red case with gold Chinese letters as a toy box.


Saturday was such a good day. It was our first whole Saturday at home in a really long time. We cleaned house and Tom and Eliza made laundry soap. I gave haircuts to the boys. We felt like pioneers! haha. This is Tom pre-haircut so don’t judge.


We watched the Kentucky derby and of course Silas got all suited up.


(this is actually Friday)…Claire came home from three days of camping with her school class at Camp Oty’Okwa in Hocking Hills. We missed her and were so happy to have her back home! She was all grubby and pretty tired so she took a shower and got straight in her robe and settled down with her book at 2 in the afternoon. 🙂 She really enjoyed the school trip- survival class, team bonding activities, stream play, long hikes, roasting marshmallows, night hike, sleeping in a cabin, getting really muddy, and generally enjoying the outdoors.


I made a Vietnamese noodle soup called pho which I learned was pretty much an all day process! (but I “achieved clear broth” which seemed to be the goal, so I was pretty proud of it).  I loved the ginger flavor and the fact that it tasted pretty similar to a Thai chicken/rice dish (made me homesick a little!). Who knows how authentic it really was.  We ate it with Vietnamese eggrolls which were a gift from my friend, Hian.  (Claire made her headband at camp by hammering plants and flowers into cloth).

DSC_0737 DSC_0731

Si and I had fun that day playing catch, picking dandelions and playing squiggle doodle. (Dad- remember playing that with us? One of us made a squiggle and the other turns it into a picture? I dont’ know what we called it. He loved it and was pretty creative! Also, I used my old mitt that says Candice Rhodes 879-2202 :))

It was just a nice day. That’s all!




One thought on “Spring weekend

  1. Philip says:

    Does sound like a wonderful day! 🙂

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