Spring Break Ohio River Road Trip: Cincinnati!

We were feeling the need for a family adventure into the unknown. We’ve been cooped up for too long! So, we took  the kid’s spring break as an opportunity to break out of our routines and try something new. Family road trip! We planned a short drive along with Ohio River with stops along the way. We decided to structure it a little loosely so the kids could have some say in what we did each day.  On Monday, we set out in the rain to Cincinnati! Oooh the excitement and the craving for gummy bears (Silas could not stop talking about the gummy bears).


I love riding shotgun and looking at my handsome driver! After being driven by taxi drivers and bus drivers, it’s a nice change to just ride around together! When we go on dates, I always want him to just drive around afterward.


No school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And gummy bears!


Driving into rainy Cincinnati. We were surprised how hilly it was around the city.


We spent most of the day at a museum center in the old train station. Amazing! We went to the children’s museum, had a car picnic, went to the natural history museum, an IMAX movie, and a transportation/Cincy history museum- all in this beautiful building. So fun!


We built a bridge in the kid’s museum- also enjoyed the water play, ball pit, grocery store, diner, etc.


She loves Egyptian history right now and thought this mummy was pretty amazing (but also sad- he’s a little toddler).


And he’s still really into dinosaurs/wooly mammoths!


40’s cable car.



Then we headed down in the sprinkles to walk along the river. Oops- we locked our keys in the car. Thankful for a speedy locksmith! And tulips!

DSC_0159 DSC_0163 DSC_0168

We love rivers! So peaceful and calming. The paddle boats! See the Red’s stadium above?


Walking around downtown and starting to get worn out. Love the old buildings and the new spring buds together.


We finally tried Skyline chili – a Cincinnati classic. We thought it was pretty good but probably not our favorite- (the spices were a little weird to us).


“Fun” – ish to stay in a hotel room together again. These three barely fit in a bed together anymore is what we learned. Lots and lots of snoring (S) and thrashing (C). They enjoyed all the new and exciting tv channels and the continental breakfast though.


Rude awakening. Are you KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW!???? Snow on spring break- in APRIL!?? Ugh. Winter, just get a clue. You are not wanted here.

DSC_0212 DSC_0220 DSC_0226


Moving on to spring. It was chilly but looked gorgeous at a park in Cincy near the art museum. What a beautiful morning! (bottom photo by Silas)

DSC_0252 DSC_0259 DSC_0270 DSC_0271 DSC_0277

With some of our favorite art at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It’s free and really really wonderful if you get a chance to go!

Next….on to Clifty Falls!








One thought on “Spring Break Ohio River Road Trip: Cincinnati!

  1. Anita says:

    II really enjoyed that art museum once on a trip to Cincinnati! Did they still have the Charley Harper display? Loved his fat bird paintings!

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