Little Things: Good-bye Winter!

It’s been an activity-filled couple of weeks, so I wanted to just post some of the stuff that’s going on around here as we sloooowly transition from winter to spring. One thing I definitely forgot about Ohio is how LONG winter is! When it was snowing lightly over the weekend, I just couldn’t believe it was happening at the end of March! So happy for hopeful signs like daffodils out of nowhere and the robins all over the neighborhood.  We’re so ready!

Little things ( I get tired of dragging the camera, so unfortunately we don’t have pictures of everything)……

We had such a fun dinner at Dion and Naty’s house – delicious paella and fun talking about life. The kids had a great time with Marcus and Gabby and playing with their dog Coffee in the backyard. Thankful for encouraging friends. I always love to be around kids that are slightly older than mine- I learn a lot about what’s coming and Marcus and Gabby make me look forward to it!

There’s going to be a lot of Silas in this post- he’s been a busy boy. Here are some of the friend activities he’s had going on lately…


Play date with his buddy, Eli. These guys were peas in a pod watching Wild Kratts and creating beaver and falcon costumes out of paper. 🙂 We’re looking forward to more playdates with this guy.


He gets love letters too. Wink. When I saw this one from Nina I was like, wow, she really does know him really well! A rocket and a creature power disk??  She knows the way to his heart.


And he still constantly crafts. My craft drawers is a disaster area thanks to him. He can never get enough tape. I have a roll in every desk drawer so there is some left for me. I asked him what this is and he said “YFM jumping rope. ” Well duh. Last night he rigged up a fishing pole with paper fish that threaded through a living room lamp.


Random picture of dolphin bananas. Thanks Pinterest. You gotta try it- easiest fun snack ever.


I always feel like I have to include one of these Silas being Silas pics. Abigail, you can see he’s still getting lots of use out of the cape!

Saturday we had a really fun brunch at my friend Eve’s house. We used to be co-workers at Adriel and have stayed friends over the years. She and her husband, Eric, made us a WONDERFUL brunch and we felt so blessed and spoiled! The kids had fun getting rowdy with Liam and Callen. Thanks, Eve!

DSC_0020 DSC_0018

Sunday was a fun day. We got to babysit Soren for part of the day while Philip and Betsy had an anniversary date in Columbus. We felt so lucky! I loved having him at church- he was so fun to hang out with and good as gold. We had fun playing football (quietly, on the floor) during the sermon and I learned some of his signs. He fell asleep on me after church which of course my auntie heart just loved. Come back, Soren!

Later in the day, Eliza had a playdate at our house with her best friend Muji, (and her little brother, Sotto, came to play with Silas) and then we had a nice dinner at their parents’ house- yummy curry. The parents, Tim and Eliza are from Hong Kong and we had so much fun talking with them. Would love to do more things with our two families together.

Another exciting part of my week was hanging out with Hian (a Vietnamese friend from the kid’s school- her son Leo is in Si’s class)- she’s been wanting to study English, so I went with her to her first ESL class and it went really well. She loved the class and it was just so fun to see her get so excited about it!

2014-04-01 20.06.56 2014-04-01 19.56.19 2014-04-01 19.30.28

Flashback to middle school! The kids went to a skate night with their school a couple nights ago (part of the health challenge week). So fun- loud music, bright lights and learning to skate. Eliza never had, but she gained a lot of confidence and really loved it. Si was really intense about it- by the end he was exhausted and half-crying but still going to town, hanging onto Tom’s hand.  We might have to do that again! the kids are really into exercise and healthy eating this week- so we’re eating brown rice, having screen free days, trying new vegetables, reading food labels, and exercising a lot more than usual. Last night, they exercised at the park with the boy scouts.


Let’s see, otherwise, we enjoyed going for some family walks (with scootering and roller blading) on the bike path to the library, babysitting the Showalter kids, and Tom and Claire went to a concert by  the greater columbus community orchestra. They got front row seats and Claire just loved it….

2014-03-16 14.55.55

Oh, and Tom played this April fools prank on us….


Yes, it got a scream out of me .Then he hid it repeatedly around the house- in the girl’s bed and behind my closet door for example and has got us good several more times. Not sure if I will wait until next April 1 to get my revenge. Message me if you have a good one.










6 thoughts on “Little Things: Good-bye Winter!

  1. colleenmaust says:

    Oh my word! The dummy is awful! I wish I had a good revenge idea for you, but I really can’t top that. I love the dolphin bananas btw, so cute! Did I ever tell you that I was in love with dolphins as a kid and thought I would become a marine biologist for the longest time just because I wanted to work with them? I think Sea World might have had something to do with that! And my friend’s father was a biology teacher that took students to FL every summer to study marine life. It wore off by the time I took biology with him in high school so I never went. I had moved on to I don’t know how many other career options by then. Anyway, thanks for sharing all the awesome pics and events. It’s always so fun to hear what you’ve been up to…but I have to admit, all the activity sounds exhausting! : )

    • justcandice says:

      A marine biologist, who knew! A book I was reading last night said it’s good we don’t all become what we wanted to be as children or the world would be over-populated with cowboys and ballerinas. 🙂

  2. Eve says:

    Always enjoyed reading your posts. It was fun, too, seeing some pictures of some of the things you talked about while at our house!

    • justcandice says:

      I still can’t believe how much you spoiled us at that breakfast!!! Amazing! Really looking forward to hanging out on Monday.

  3. Anita says:

    oh my gosh! that dummy is too much–esp. after having someone break into your house in Thailand. I don’t have any good revenge ideas right now, but I will let you know if I do!

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