Goin to the zoo zoo zoo

You know that Peter Paul and Mary song? We love going to the zoo zoo zoo…and this weekend, we were lucky enough to go with some cousins! Martin was out here in Ohio representing VMM at RBC’s missions conference, so Sylvia and the kids came along and we tagged on some family time to the weekend after. They stayed a few nights at the RIC and we had some time to reconnect. I’ve really missed Elliot, Vincent and Annaliese and it was so good to get to know them a little better and finally have them visit our house again! Love those kids!


Shwarmas and fries. A is the cutest. You too, Sylvia!


Just having some food in a field in the Middle East somewhere. I loved Elliot’s guesses for where the scene was located including Belize and Albania- (places his Daddy visited recently). Sorry you got Si-blocked, there V!


Back at the RIC, we played some grown up ping pong and some kiddie chutes and ladders and a group game of Apples to Apples which was a lot of fun. Elliot is such a good reader- he was great at it!


Aaaand- the zoo! The flamingoes were amazingly bright that day! The kids helped us navigate with their trusty maps.


I love this so much. Aren’t Si and Vincent’s little hands on the glass so cute as they check out the sting ray and Rae the manatee. It is so peaceful in there! One of our favorite parts of the zoo.



Annaliese- why does your horse have two heads??


We were twins in our red coats so we had to get a picture.


The train ride was a big hit. It only cost a dollar and lasted about five minutes- but was a favorite part for sure. We got to see moose and the wolverine running around.


I really loved how Annaliese followed Eliza and did what she did. Key-ute!


Back at the house for supper (thanks for the bbq- M and S!) for some more Apples to Apples and Hearts (Martin sneak attack won in the last two hands. booooooo.). ¬†Annaliese really liked the fact that I said we could “dig in” to the chocolate cobbler. “diggin in, diggin in.”


2 thoughts on “Goin to the zoo zoo zoo

  1. Sylvia Rhodes says:

    When Annaliese saw the picture of her and Candice, she said “Twins, we’re in our twin red coats!”. Thanks again for a wonderful time together – it was so nice to be in your home and have quality time with your family again! Peace and Love.

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