An Interview with the Birthday girl

Interview with Claire, at Panera Bread (over large chocolate chip cookie), February 27, 2014.

1) What’s your favorite color? Turquoise, yellow, and purple.
2) What’s your favorite book that you’ve read recently? Walk Two Moons and Ruby Holler, both by Sharon Creech
3) Overall favorite books? Narnia series (this caused a lot of anguish for fear of betraying all her other favorite books).
4) A wish? A dog!
5) What are your favorite hobbies right now? Reading, rollerblading, and dreaming
6) What’s your favorite chore? Babysitting Silas
7) Your least favorite chore? Taking out the bathroom trash.
8) What is a place you’d like to visit? The Great Wall of China.
9) What are things that you need to practice more? I need to work on my punctuation.
10) What do you want to be when you grow up? Missionary, Teacher of special needs class, A Newberry Award winning author, and someone who helps injured manatees and reduces food waste.
11) What is something new that you’d like to learn this year? To become a dog walker, write in cursive, roller blade better.
12) What do you like about home? Our family and traditions that don’t change.
13) How have you changed this year? My idea of America has changed a lot. Last year it was a faraway place that we visited sometimes. Now it feels like home. I’ve become more open-minded.
14)What is your favorite food? (She needed two categories for this) American: Lasagna and pizza. Thai: grilled pork, somtam, sticky rice, ribs, grilled fish, and pad Thai.
15) How does it feel to be 11? Not much different yet!

And a few photos from her special day- her first freezing-cold winter birthday since she was three!

Traditional breakfast out with Daddy- this year at Nancy’s Home Cooking .

She got all flustered and pink when they brought her this pancake and sang happy birthday.



Best friends


A little girls’ outing for cookies and browsing in a bookstore (she picked out a book from us).


Claire in her natural habitat. Surrounded by books is her favorite place to be!


Delicious Thai food at Westgate Thai, in the back of an Asian grocery. She was in heaven! The yam was her favorite.


Silas really wanted to order fish.


C-bus skyline on the way home.


Present time! She loved her manatee from Silas. Other gifts: hat, sweater, wallet, books, Bible, sushi erasers (she has an eraser collection), owl necklace, journal, pretty bowl, framed picture of Lewis from Eliza.


Reading his card. He was super, super excited about all of this.


As you can see.


Chocolate berry cake


Happy birthday to youuuuuuu!

We could not be more proud of this girl! She’s getting big so fast it’s hard to keep up.


One thought on “An Interview with the Birthday girl

  1. Brittany says:

    Happy birthday Claire! I enjoyed all of her unique answers to those questions. She sure is growing up!

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