A fun little day to remember (museum of biological diversity)

We like to have a family day when Tom returns from a long trip and this was our little outing after he returned from Turkey. We learned a lot at the museum of biological diversity at OSU. The museum (which houses all of the school’s biologic collections other than fossils) is open to the public only once each year and there were a lot of great resources and activities for kids. It was freezing out and packed out inside, but we squeezed in and really enjoyed ourselves. So many cool things to see!


We were fascinated with this Australian Leaf Bug which indeed looked just like a leaf! We also got to hold all kinds of beetles, a lizard, a snake, etc.


Eliza the Mite


Many students and scientists nicely explained things to us.


Huge collection of shells.


A huge tank of formaldehyde-preserved eel. That was NOT a good smell.


Preserving bugs in “goo” for study- they got to take these home plus basil plants that they potted.  Ooh- we also got to crush a spinach leaf that was frozen with liquid nitrogen!


Each kid got a bunch of buttons for completing research in each room (insects, bugs, plants, birds, fish, etc).


And we ended our morning at Five Guys for some yummy burgers and fries.

Yay for family days!



We also had so much fun lounging on the couch and watching Olympics for the past few weeks. The girls loved the figure skating and our biggest frustration was how late NBC showed the skating- it was always a debate how late they got to stay up on a school night. We also liked watching snowboarding (especially snowboard cross), bobsledding/skeleton. Silas was my cuddle bunny and always sweetly warmed up my cold hands in his little warm ones.


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