After multiple snow days and a week  of Tom being sick after his trip, v-day was a good day to feel like we could finally “catch up” with each other.  We had a fun valentine breakfast with the kids and sent them off to school and enjoyed a coffee date at Starbucks down the street. We read each other old love letters which was fun/funny and brought back a bunch of memories. It was great to finally pull these out after years in storage. It’s amazing how many little details of our dating days I forgot!

In the p.m., we put the kids to bed a little early with a movie (E was sick so she was glad to go early too) and had fun cooking together. We have decided that going out on Valentines is very rarely worth the effort/expense/crowds, and shopping for special ingredients and cooking together was actually really fun.  We also decided we don’t care what constitutes as a fancy romantic meal and made what we felt like eating which was: caramelized onion and prosciutto pizza (big yum), roasted asparagus, and…hot wings (with celery and blue cheese dip of course). Followed by chunky monkey ice cream which we hadn’t eaten in at least three years and decided we still really like!

Love this bearded man in my life!


The kids got their valentine’s mail in these little mailboxes. I thought they would have fun sending each other mail after v-day too.


Daddy made pink pancakes, served with delicious apple/current sausage.




Silas was pretty excited about making this monster mailbox for his classroom valentines, but I’m pretty sure I had more fun.


The girls did a great job making all their own valentines this year.


We had fun painting river rocks for the kids teachers and putting some around our neighborhood for people to find.


love letters


He loved his valentines.




One thought on “xxoo

  1. colleenmaust says:

    Aw, I love it! Your relationship is so awesome!

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