January – brrrrr!!

January was crazy cold! The kids has some snow days and some “cold” days off school in January and this past week, missed three days! We are starting to feel like we’ve been snowed in for most of winter since Christmas!  The kids have really enjoyed the days that are warm enough to go out and play in the snow but when it’s been single digits and below, we’ve had to find ways to stay warm inside. More from  chchchilly January….


We drank a LOT of tea, hot chocolate, and coffee. I go for the teapot when I get those inside shakes that just wont’ stop! (that or my down blanket). Eliza likes to use her new Holly Hobby mug.


We learned to wear slippers on our cold floors… and robes and fingerless gloves too when necessary! We all love our long underwear!


Eliza’s Christmas puzzle was a nice warm indoor activity for January.


And making soft pretzels too. We  like to leave that oven door open and warm up the kitchen!


Silas kept practicing his reading and got better and better .



When the kids had a little too much energy for the house, I sent them outside to make a snowman on their own.  I thought he turned out pretty cute!


We got into playing Yahtzee as a family. I really love Si’s unique ways of scoring, writing his numbers, and adding it all up!


We made a rubber egg (google it if you want to know how)- the vinegar dissolved the shell and left us with a fun, bouncy ball. Play with it in the sink though- it will burst eventually!  The kids said it felt just like a water balloon.


We had some of our former teammates over for Thai food. it was so fun to hang out again!


Wrapped in blankets and drank more hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows of course).


Claire wrote  a short reflection for the church newsletter based on her quiet time (this was the picture accompanying it). She keeps practicing her writing in the newspaper club as well. She walks to school early by herself every Monday morning for club meetings.  I like the way she keeps her desk organized and takes good care of her plants too.

Another new thing this month was the beginning of our small group at church. We are leading a small group that is focused on manuscript Bible studies and praying for our unsaved friends. It’s been a good way to connect with a smaller group from church and helps us keep our missional focus.



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