He’s Home!

Tom’s return home from Turkey was not without hitches and glitches! He was scheduled to arrive on Tuesday night and I promised the kids that we would wake them up when he got in. Well, that evening, it started snowing and accumulating fast. Tom’s flight from Chicago was unfortunately canceled, so he and his two co-workers (Joe and Wilbur) rented a car and started the drive home. As I watched the snow piling up and heard about how icy the roads were I got more and more worried for his safety. It was a big relief when he called to stay they stopped for the night to wait it out. The kids and I were SO disappointed that  he didn’t make it home Tuesday but so glad he was safe. They took off driving again the next morning and we waited impatiently (it was another snow day home from school) until he showed up in time for lunch. You should have heard the SCREAMS when he rang the doorbell. All of us attacked him!







He brought us fun gifts like snacks,  tiny airplane things, cross necklaces for the girls, a fuzzy hat for Si and this pretty vase/cup for me.


It was so, so good to have him back at the dinner table that night! Silas loved his furry hat so much that he didn’t take it off the rest of the day and wore it to bed that night!



The girls adoringly gazing at Daddy. 🙂 Ah life feels right again. 🙂


One thought on “He’s Home!

  1. Anita says:

    so glad you’re all together again! enjoy the rest of the chilly season!

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