Two weeks apart

Tom is coming home from Turkey tonight!! He’s been gone two weeks and we are kind of beside ourselves with excitement today!! As always, God has been so good to us while he’s away. Although there was plenty of snow and cold (and several days off school), we didn’t have any car trouble, frozen pipes, or anything, which is what I was afraid of.  We got to skype almost every afternoon which helped a lot too. Tom’s trip was really busy but went so well and maybe he’ll share some pictures here after he recovers from jetlag. Mom and Dad came out for a weekend to keep us company and the time flew by while they were here. Thanks , Dad and Mom!!!

Here’s some of what we did while he was gone…

 Our big project was to learn memory work (Tom is working on it too while he’s gone). We learned Psalm 62: 1,2  Isaiah 41:10  and mostly know the Beatitudes although we’re still perfecting that one.


Just a few days after Tom left, we had book character day at school. Silas was the palm tree from Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.






Claire was Ella Enchanted from one of her favorite books. 



And Eliza was Charlotte’s web (thank goodness Tom helped me make the web before he left). Thanks Kroger meat dept. for the free string! 🙂  She had a black spider on the front. 

When Dad and Mom were here we got a beautiful snow! It was so much fun to get snowed in! Playing games all day, drinking tea and coffee, doing puzzles (Eliza and Mom), staying home from church, made it feel like a holiday/vacation!  We were quite content to stay inside most of the time.


On Friday, the third grade had a “state fair” where each student made a poster about their state, wrote a report, and brought in some artifacts. It was fun that Grandaddy and Grandmom got to come and see it! And Grandaddy was her hero and brought some really cool VA artifacts like postcards, a VA quarter and even a genuine civil war bullet and an arrowhead! 



Friday night we went to the library and got Italian food at Smiths. That was the first and last time we went out all weekend!


We learned how to play Farkle. 



And the next day, the world was white!



Eliza and Grandmom did a whole puzzle together. 


Dad and I got a little addicted to scrabble and had some great high-scoring words! Fun! For the record, he won four of five. But I didn’t get too mad, right Dad?


Silas learned how to draw an iguana.


And it snowed some more!




Eliza made cornbread 100% by herself for the first time and it turned out completely delicious and perfect!


After they left, Eliza spent hours in the desk they brought, writing a long continued story.  This desk was one that we used when we were kids. Don’t worry siblings, we’re just borrowing it!



We made confetti cupcakes….


Which the girls turned into a wedding cake for a doll wedding. Don’t you like their cake topper? It was fun to see them play together so well (whenever they could escape Silas). Yesterday they built a prison from pallets in the neighbors yard (with permission from neighbors) and had some elaborate game with that (Eliza was wearing a mustache)- I hope they don’t outgrow these kinds of games for awhile. 🙂

We read the book “Wonder” which I recommend for “tween age” kids.  I didn’t really think it was one of those kids books that is good for adults, but a good book for teaching kids empathy (the main character has a facial deformity).




Claire and I got new glasses. You can’t see it, but hers are lined in aqua- so cute! I’m vowing to finally start wearing glasses daily. Time to embrace my middle-aged-ness.



Silas loves to watch Wild Kratz and then dress up as whatever animal they feature in the show.  This time he made paper ears and transformed into a bat.

 His behavior was so, so good. I’m proud of this boy. I used a reward system with red and green chips in a special jar and he worked really hard for those green chips. He earned some red along the way too but did really well.  He got small rewards along the way but his big reward which he got this morning was a Planes watch. He is so proud of it!

He said so many cute things recently. I wish I always wrote them down! One morning he asked me if Tom was home. I said, “No, remember he’s in Turkey?” Si said, “Oh, I thought I heard him breathing.” Aw. 🙂

It’s supposed to snow tonight, so we are praying hard that Tom’s flight arrives on schedule and that he gets home safely. 




2 thoughts on “Two weeks apart

  1. colleenmaust says:

    I miss you guys so much! I love seeing the pics of the kids and all the cute things they are doing! I wish I could come visit more often and see you in person, but I’ll make do with your blog for now. Hope you have a great reunion with Tom and can enjoy more snowed in days as a family. This winter is crazy and I’m sure it’s not easy getting initiated to winter again with such a harsh one. At least I’m glad I had last year to get used to it before this one hit! I love you all and hope to see you soon!

  2. Joelle says:

    I’m so happy you’ve kept up the blog, Candice! I love seeing what you’re up to. I had to just say that Ella Enchanted was one of my favorite books, too! 🙂 Happy Tom is coming home soon… I know from experience that life just isn’t right when dad is gone. 🙂

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