More Christmas around the house

Can you excuse me for another loooong Christmas post. I know it’s crazy late to still be posting Christmas, but I really want to remember these things! 😉 More stuff we did in the week leading up to Christmas…

These three put a lot of hard work into the church Christmas play. There were many, many practices and lines to memorize and it was so fun to see it come together. Silas was very proud of his single line…”What’s taxes??” Eliza was the wisman Melchoir, Silas a sheep obviously, and Claire, the Narrator. The play was “Three Wise Men and a Baby” (Jungle Jam).






The cute gift Silas made us at school.

Between her return from Nicaragua and her trip to Thailand, Rhonda came to visit! Yay!!She spent the night so we could have the most time possible and we had fun making cookies together (even if one batch failed!). The girls loved having their special Rhonda time again. Thanks for coming!

Making Russian tea cakes just like I did as a kid!

While Tom, Silas, Zhen and Anakin had a boys outing in Dayton, (more on that sometime?), us girls went to the library to make gingerbread houses. With no car and a POURING rain, we got a little soggy on the way back! 🙂

Gotta have our annual countdown chain!

Ready for church.

LCF Family Christmas. I got to help plan it this year and the theme was Joy to the World with lots of international flavor. We had the Christmas story read in many languages, solos, children’s story, a meditation about missions, etc. So much talent and diversity at LCF. We used a giant floor map at RMM and at the end placed candles and prayed for different parts of the world. It was special for our family to pray for Thailand together.

Having some pizza and watching Charlie Brown Christmas- another one we try to do every year.

He’s cooking and pretty close to the mistletoe. Think he’s going to get kissed?

Other things not in pictures: Polar Express with hot chocolate, Little Women, cookies, and sleepover with mommy (a girly tradition, Eve of the Eve service at Veritas, and probably a few things I’m forgetting!


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