It’s finally here!

Christmas day finally came!!



E got to pull down the very last link on the chain





The Christmas story.



Snack pause. Daddy made the cinnamon rolls this year and they were delicious!



Some breakfast prep before opening gifts. Silas popped the can to make pigs in a blanket which are a Rhodes Christmas tradition.


And then it was stocking time!


The kids were eager to give their gifts- Silas wanted to give all of his right away. Eliza gave me the pretty earrings in this picture and Claire chose a bracelet for me.


Claire spent hours making Eliza a huge activity book.



Si went on a treasure hunt to the basement to find his new razor scooter!





Claire with her gifts- she got books and games and several things with birds or owls which are a current favorite.



The gift theme this year was : a gift to wear, a gift to eat, a gift to read, and a gift to play with. The girls got those three games together as their “play” gift.


Si loved his scooter and pop gun the most.


And finally we were allowed to eat Christmas breakfast!

After a very lazy day of playing games and reading, we had Christmas dinner…


Egg nog, nachos with guac, cheese fondue, pumpkin pie (we decided not to worry about if it all went together and just make what we felt like eating :)).


Claire was a bigger fan of the fondue than the other two.


And a game of Life to wrap up the day.



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