Christmas Eve



Oh the excitement and anticipation on Christmas Eve morning!! There were many squeals of “I can’t wait!!!”



The presents finally arrived under the tree! Everyone was busily making cards all morning.



We got to skype with some of the people we like best- all the way in Morocco.  The girls got to have a nice long chat.


Then, us girls did our traditional red nails manicure and we went out on the town…


To Christmas Eve mass at a beautiful Cathedral downtown. It was the kids’ first experience with liturgy and priests and kneeling and all things Catholic so it was an interesting night. The church was decorated so beautifully in poinsettias, candles and wreaths and there was this booming organ. The homily was inspiring and although the service got a little long, it was a good learning experience.


We had planned on going to a Thai restaurant but it was closed as in true Thai style, the owners returned home to Bangkok for the holidays. Instead, we got Mexican food and made silly recordings on Claire’s voice recorder. We had a great time and were there until they closed.


Our house felt so cozy that night and filled with anticipation. The kids were dancing around the living room in excitement!







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