Real Live Tree!

This year, a very exciting part of Christmas, was going to the nursery to pick out a real, live Christmas tree! I am not a big fan of artificial and we both grew up with live trees at Christmas, so this was a must for this year. We also got a horse and wagon ride and aside from some general grumpiness on my part, we did have a good time. We went straight after church (sandwiches in the car) and so had a nice long afternoon/evening at home to decorate the tree, set up the manger scene and enjoy the festivity. It felt like Christmas had truly arrived.


Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh! Well kind of.


Pretty horses


The One. It got Silas’s stamp of approval.


All decked out. This was the first year, I didn’t rearrange and redecorate after the kids went to bed. 🙂


When we set up the manger scene, I was unwrapping each piece and giving it to one of the kids to place in the stable. Silas however, went straight for baby Jesus and would not accept any other figures. He clutched onto it until the manger was placed and proudly placed the baby in it. The girls complained, but it was pretty cute. I think next year, we might wait to add the baby until Christmas eve.


This is one of my favorite moments of Christmas each year. That quiet time after we decorate the tree, turn the lights off, have a snack (I think it was pumpkin pie this year), and gaze at the tree and sing Christmas songs. So peaceful and special!


Tom gave me this manger scene for our very first married Christmas- just two weeks after our wedding. It’s still one of my favorite gifts ever.


The mantel over our non-working fireplace.

And real bonus of a live tree…the smell!!!











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