International friends holiday celebration

We really wanted to invite a bunch of international friends for our Thanksgiving meal. But we can only get so many people into our house at once. SO, we decided to have Thanksgiving dinner a second time and make it a little holiday party for the other friends we have met through IFI (International Friendships at OSU). Two of the people came 45 minutes late, but ate cold mashed potatoes like they were going out of style. We also babysat the four kiddos of Chad and Deborah, so that added a lot of energy and excitement as well! We were all a little shy at first, but by the end, the two Chinese boys were throwing football in our living room and jumping on the couch with Silas, so it wore off. The stuffing was the most popular item on the menu. It was a really fun night- so happy it worked out for everyone to be here.
The calm before the storm…

I’ve decided that carnations and evergreen are the perfect Christmas arrangement because they are red and green and last forever.

You can see how much space our tree takes up in the living room. Now that it’s gone, it feels empty and bare!

Korean friends Rachel and Joo Hoon (a master’s student and Korean teacher at OSU) and Chinese friends Zhen (visiting scholar at OSU) and Anakin (age 11).

Anakin jumped right up and tried his hand at carving the turkey. At one point, he also went around the table with the mashed potato serving spoon and served seconds. He only got a little on Joo Hoon’s shoulder.

Dessert time. On the right is Sophie and her son Lucas. Sophie is a researcher at OSU at her son Lucas is a fifth grader at our kids’ school (Claire is in a different fifth grade class).

Football game and babysitting. Jamie was a little overwhelmed by the strange house and all the strange people.

Thankful for these friends that help us feel more at home in America.


One thought on “International friends holiday celebration

  1. Anita says:

    You’re an amazing host–having a huge dinner and babysitting on top of it all!! Way to go!

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