I’m a little sad about the state of this blog here. And it’s only going to get worse as I ignore it throughout the holidays. 🙂 So, before it gets too out of control behind the times, here are a few quick updates. The kids got out of school early today and went on a little outing with Rhonda (who is back from Nicaragua), so the house is quiet, the tree is lit, the Christmas songs are playing, and the countdown chain is getting very, very short!

Ready for a whirlwind recap of November??

It was so fun to get a visit from Philip and Betsy on their way to see the Fisher family. Although we really love P and B, I have to say, Soren was the one we were really happy to see. 🙂 Just kidding- it was great to see them all. Come back anytime!!





A birthday gift from Tom to Si was an outing to the train museum here in Columbus. Silas was in train heaven.

On Nov. 12, we had our first snow! We were amazed to wake up to this and the kids went out and played in pajamas and coats- they were so excited! It hasn’t slowed down since. Tom told me that this has been the snowiest December in Ohio history!

We had a wonderful time with Mom and Dad Mast when they were here visiting for a few days (Stuart had a conference committee meeting in the area). The girls had fun knitting with Grandma and we had a very chilly and fun night walking around German village and eating German food (had to include the one of Claire eating sausage while reading a book- typical)…followed by the giant cream puffs from Schmitdts.









We made a trip to Pigeon River, Michigan as a family to speak at a church one Sunday. We found a very nice group of people who were very supportive of missions. On the drive, we enjoyed the strange sight of fields full of these huge wind turbines.


It was super windy! Eliza was getting blown in circles. 🙂

Other un-pictured November happenings:  Tom made another church visit to Siloam,  and I went to the mental health and missions conference in Indiana for four days. And then there was Thanksgiving (next post!).








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