Way to Go, Buddy!

Two very exciting, growing-up things have happened in Silas’s life lately that we are celebrating! First of all, he quit sucking his thumb! We had been talking about quitting all year and he kept saying he would later. We put it off until after our big transition, but when he started school, it really seemed like time. Coincidentally, he also smashed his (sucking) thumb in a camper door during conference and his nail started to heal very gnarly. He didn’t like the feel of it in his mouth so we used that as a time to quit all together. He gave up bed bear at night and traded him in for this awesome new shark which he named Finn. He’s been over his habit for several months now and we’re so proud of him!

His second big accomplishment is that he’s now a reader! Mrs. Coneglio has done a wonderful job of getting him excited to read and he has been loving school and learning. He is reading level one books to us now and getting more and more excited by his ability to recognize words. YAY for reading!


One thought on “Way to Go, Buddy!

  1. Anita says:

    Awesome!! It must be so exciting to listen to your kids read! Atticus is just starting to recognize letters.

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