Glorious Fall!

This fall has been so wonderful for us!! We have missed the season and our neighborhood and area was particularly beautiful in all it’s fall glory. It went by quickly! We felt we were just starting to enjoy it and it flew by and is suddenly winter. A few of our favorite fall things…
We enjoyed collecting the fall leaves and bringing them into the house.

Our street was so beautiful. Every walk back and forth from school and the library was just stunning! I especially loved the yellow trees with black trunks and the beautiful sycamores near the water.

We made lots of things from pumpkin (pie, bread, cake) and this pie from a squash sent to us from the lovely Brenda Zook in a kind care package (thanks, B!).

A mini Frida Kahlo, Scarecrow and Laura Ingalls hit the streets to beg for candy and had a great time doing it, in spite of cold and rain. My best memory of that night is all the friendly and welcoming neighbors out on their porches and Silas saying, “This is working out really well!” The kids had fun “learning” about all kinds of American candy!



We also had fun handing out candy from our porch (Daddy’s jack-o-lantern)

And here’s the rest of our porch pumpkin family

One Saturday morning we went to our Korean friends’ home for a delicious Korean meal. Afterwards, Tom took us too a secret special place- a ravine right in the city that was full of fall color. We didn’t know at the time, but it was one of the last pretty days of fall because a stormy day took a lot of the leaves down a few days later. So glad we enjoyed it that day!…





Other great memories of fall (of which I have no pictures): a very chilly church Harvest party and hay ride, a huge Chinese feast with our friend Caleb, and some very beautiful walks along the river and in the marshland near our house (discovering milkweed pods!), wearing hats, eating soup a lot, thrifing warm coats, pumpkin pie blizzards, and the talent show at the kid’s school (funny).


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