Pretty Much Perfect (and some big news)

I’m at a conference and have some quiet time on my hands, so here I am, catching up. We enjoyed fall SO MUCH this year. I think back on this one day as pretty much the perfect fall experience. In the morning, we went to a metro park and walked in the beautiful fall woods. It was so relaxing and pretty and the kids had fun finding all kinds of creatures under logs. We had a picnic in a pine woods on a blanket of pine needles (followed by reading and naps in the warm sun). Then in the afternoon, we headed to the Circleville Pumpkin Festival. It turned out to be a huge headache getting there- a tiny town completely overwhelmed by traffic, and the fair itself was quite a noisy, crowded carnival (fried food and extreme rides) atmosphere, but we met up with our friends, the Eshes and had fun kind of in spite of the festival. 🙂 So not really perfect, but yet it kind of was.



Princess of Fall

These mini-cinnamon sugar pumpkin donuts were the best thing we ate there by far. Mmmmmmmm.

We liked all the huge pumpkins. This guy was the champion.

We liked all the DSC_0311
Si’s first ferris wheel ride. He loved it!

And the big news!! We’ve had to keep it a secret for awhile but now we can say that these guys (Conrad and Vicki and their daughters Bryn, Lydia, and Ellie) are going to be on the team in Thailand!! We are so thrilled and happy that God has called them and are so eager to be on the team together. They plan to head to Thailand a bit in advance of us.

Silas was not a fan of his corndog.

World’s biggest pumpkin pie (made with real ingredients and fed to pigs after the festival for those who want to know).

Good-bye pumpkin festival. We probably won’t ever be back! 🙂


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