Where to Start?

So, this blog has been very neglected lately! As we’ve settled into life in Columbus and gotten increasingly busier, the blog has been getting pushed to the back burner. On my days off, it always seems like there is a lot of cleaning, shopping, and laundry and reading to be done and in the evening, it’s always more appealing to walk to the library with the kids or read aloud, or even iron tomorrow’s clothes. πŸ™‚ But in the interest of staying in touch with our semi-far-away families and in keeping a record of life these days, I’m going to try to dive in and at least post some of the highlights. Just don’t think life is all fun and games- these are highlights! πŸ™‚

Digging around in Picassa to see what happened (get ready for random)….

Back in October, we had the privilege of hosting Zhen and Anakin (as in Skywalker) from Zido, China for a few days. This was their first time in America and their English was pretty limited so we had a funny time trying to figure each other out. They were very game and eager to try everything. They even tagged along to the elementary open house jetlag and all. Tom helped Anakin get tested, immunized, and enrolled in school and they were able to move into their house after just a few nights with us. We know that feeling of being overwhelmed with foreignness and with many, many new things to learn! Zhen is working at OSU and they live close by so we hope to keep in touch.

Eliza is ready for crazy socks day at school!

Tom made my favorite Thai food of all- garlic chicken with an egg- and made us all very happy.

The kids had their very first caramel apple. Si took a couple of licks and asked for a regular apple which he devoured.

Tom and I instituted the semi-monthly day date tradition. When we have enough hours between us by Friday occasionally we try to go on a lunch date while the kids are in school- cheaper and no need for babysitting! This one consisted of an art gallery in the Short North followed by…

Greek and Polish food (respectively) and Jenni’s ice cream (the torched sweet potato was amazing!) at North Market.




I’m trying to sometimes do a little special activity with each kid alone (I have fond memories of my mom doing that with me), so Si and I met some friends at the OSU airport to watch propeller planes take off and land from the observation alley. It was right up boy ally and there was even free popcorn. We ended the night with Chik-fil-A and the playground there. Great boy date and fun time with my friend Eve and boys.

A bunch of fall activities coming soon!


One thought on “Where to Start?

  1. Eve says:

    Such a fun play date! Let’s do it again!

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