Relief Sale Weekend

Rebekah kindly pointed out to me on the phone the other day that our blog has not been updated in quite some time and I started to realize that was actually very true. So, it’s a drizzly cold day, I’m fortified with Starbucks, Tom is bringing home the bacon today, so hear I am at your blogging service.  Let’s talk about….Relief Sale Weekend! I had two very important reasons for a quick trip to Virginia: 1) We had a brand new niece to meet and 2) I hadn’t been to the VA Mennonite Relief Sale in about 10 years, so we took the kids out of school on Friday and made a long weekend of it.


We got started with the fallish activities right off the bat, heading to a local apple orchard to pick up cider that Dad had had pressed.DSC_0036

A LOT of apple cider, enjoyed by the whole family. DSC_0040  Lila gives her cousin a wink.  So fun to meet you, little lady!

DSC_0060 Jumping with GrandmomDSC_0063Claire really loved this Squeezo thing. It’s on her list of things she wants when she’s a grown up along with a baby, a llama and a jacuzzi.


A fresh, hot Relief Sale donut is the perfect way to start the day!DSC_0066Checking out the quilts- Lila almost made the picture too.


My favorite flour sack quilt.

DSC_0072Silas got a huge kick out of the children’s auction. He was just bidding away! He got the first item up for sale – a huge, remote controlled car! And later, a die cast car too. That boy!  Cautious Eliza and Claire saved their money for Christmas ornaments and books.   I decided against the $4,000 quilt and went home with apple butter and Christmas garland.

No pictures, but we also had a fun lunch at Jess’s with Dad and our traditional stop at Klines (although I was seriously bummed that my cookie dough ice cream had no cookie dough. My family had to listen to my whining for hours.  Saturday night, the ever generous Dietrich and Abbey made our kids day by inviting them over for jewelry making and apple crisp baking and take one (girls) and a trip to see the trains (he was in love with the rusty railroad spike he got to bring home) and a cartoon (boy) while the lucky parents got to go out for Mexican food. On Sunday we got to visit Early Church and then enjoy a family potluck before our long drive back to OH (passed Philip and Betsy who were coming back from Ohio!).

A few random pictures after our return home…

DSC_0075A very Almanzo-ish after school snack of popcorn and cider. We have a tradition of sitting on the front porch for a snack and school day reporting time.


Silas was very into this train book from the library, even reading it at breakfast. DSC_0085

And a little family picture for the prayer directory- hard at work on it at the office right now.


2 thoughts on “Relief Sale Weekend

  1. Carrie says:

    I’m soooooo over here gazing jealously at that Relief Sale donut. Salivate. Looks like such a fun weekend home. One of these years I want to go home for the Relief Sale too.

  2. Rebekah says:

    Thanks for posting :). I like Claire’s list of things to own/have as an adult. Was the large remote control car a hit? Are you still doing much front porch sitting after school? Brrrr. Can’t wait to see pictures of costumes!

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