17 Days

Tom made a trip to Singapore (for a conference) and to Bangkok for 17 days in late August/early September. I will try to talk him into posting some pictures of his trip for you sometime. For us at home, it was a challenging time. Nothing dramatic happened- it was just hard to be on our own for so long. We missed him a LOT. For the kids, it was also hard to have him go to Bangkok without them- they all wanted to go along! Seeing his pictures afterward was a mix of excitement to see our house,  Lightning McQueen in storage, shops in our neighborhood, our neighbor’s dog, friends from the team and Thai friends, etc and sadness over not being able to go and see it all in person.

Some highlights for us at home were dinner at Chad and Deborah’s house, swimming with Mim and a picnic at the park on Labor Day, going to church/Taco Bell/haircut/shopping one Sunday, pizza with our duplex neighbor girls, going to the airport to send off the Showalter family, Frosties and the library, watching lots of movies, lunch with Rob and Doris, the birth of my new niece Lila (Rebekah and Jared’s daughter), and relaxing and staying home a lot. We learned to get into our school routines of getting up early, ironing clothes, getting homework done, etc. I worked at RMM, but a little less than normal. I felt so grateful over and over for the ways God saw our needs and encouraged us through others. The meals at friends’ homes and many calls from sisters and friends helped especially.

We made it!! Oh, we were so happy the day we picked him up at the airport!! Silas kept staring at Tom and saying “I can’t believe it’s you!” Tom and I took the whole following day off and went to Starbucks and just relaxed and enjoyed being together (and recovering from jetlag!). We love being back together.



Making maps


Sweet package in the mail from Dietrich and Abbey


Drum set


Labor Day picnic and playground time. Missing him.



Pure delight


So pleased with her Thai snacks- fish sticks and seaweed.

DSC_0020They are all very attached to their Thai shorts! 🙂


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