School kids

So, the kids have been in school for a few weeks now.  Thanks to all of you who sent encouraging messages and were praying for this transition. God has answered all of our prayers and then some. I remember asking God very specifically for good teachers and the kids all three have wonderful teachers. Claire has Mrs. Durdil who she describes as very neat and organized and nice with red hair. She likes her a lot…(even when she assigns a lot of homework). Eliza has Mrs. Williams who is an older teacher with lots of experience, who even lived in Bangkok for a year back in the 80’s! Eliza loves her and it appears to be mutual. Si was in love with his teacher, Mrs. Coneglio (wish you could hear him say that!) before class even started because she sent him a postcard in the mail and a little one-on-one meeting with him. She calls him “Friend” and “Buddy.”  Some mornings, Silas has been a little hesitant to leave me- clinging on a bit when we hug good-bye. But so far he only cried one morning and he is usually happy to go.

The girls are in the early stages of making friends, but we are really impressed by how nice the kids in their classes are. At recess time they always find each other and play together, but they have made friends with a new girl named Maddy and have played a few games of tetherball with other girls. As we leave school there are lots of sweet smiles and “bye Claires” from other 5th graders who are traffic crossing helpers.  Si is making plenty of friends and likes playing with Owen and Ezra and Sam (lots of cousin names at his school!). They like to play dragons and swing, slide and play on the monkey bars.  He really likes art and learning to write letters.

Math is going great for Claire- she has to study quite a bit each day, but she got 100% on her first test- proud of her! She loves all the reading and writing of course. She is very excited to start her movement class with Ballet Met tomorrow. Eliza is a fast worker just like she was in homeschool and completes her homework way ahead of schedule. She seems to be settling in just fine and is loving learning cup rhythm.

I’m so thankful that the first few weeks have gone so well, especially since Tom is gone. God has been so good in providing such a good school for us. The atmosphere is very positive and I feel so good about them being there all day. Being walkers gives us a chance to meet other kids and parents which is nice.

So, here are some first day pictures for you…


Girls’ first day of school.


Si’s first day of school, a week later.


So excited for his new dinosaur shirt (sisters b’day gift), car backpack, and finally going to see Mrs. Coneglio!


Our short, five minute walk.


Nervous/Excited! Are we going to like it??

Butterflies, but ready to learn.DSC_0011-001 DSC_0016

Silas loves this tunnel we walk through (under High Street) to get to school. Our voices sound really great and echo-ey in there and all colors look grey. We learned the word “graffiti.


As we headed into the school, I asked him how he was feeling. “Really proud of myself,” he said.

DSC_0023Now, teach me something, Mrs. Coneglio!


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