In Pictures: Harrisonburg

Being in Harrisonburg was Crazy Times!! So many kids! So many plans! It was a very fun whirlwind. The frustrating part for me was trying to work at the same time, getting some reports and Conference articles done under a deadline. BUT, it was a great time too and such a unique chance for so much of our family to be together at once.  We kept marveling- woah, there are five siblings standing here talking! Woah, look at all the kids we produced! 🙂  It was very fun (and refreshing) to spend a few nights in the restful home of Rebekah and Jared-thanks guys!

Highlights of the week included: cousins swimming at Riven Rock, a trip to the Rockingham County fair,  spa night and sleepover at Aunt Rebekah’s, cousin time at Grandaddy and Grandmom’s (including the four girls having several sleepovers in the travel trailer, a youth group reunion (wow, that was a long time ago! It’s so funny to see us all grown up with our families!),  dinner at a Mexican restaurant, blizzards, and a sleepover with Carmen and Carrie (just like old times, I tell ya), a shopping outing with my nieces and daughters, showing my girls around my elementary school,  Rebekah’s baby shower, and of course the epic family reunion at Sparkling Springs (those last two warrant their own posts). Oh and a date with Tom for Chinese and Klines and a long talk (man, we missed each other!!). Wow, that was a long list. I told you it was a crazy week!


Claire and baby Ada were so cute together! Anita and I kept taking pictures. Claire was a really good help with all the little cousins.


We traveled in many different combinations. This was one of my favorites.


Love being with my sisters again!


The “big kids” at Riven Rock.  Uncle Jason gave them a swimming challenge to earn a dollar and they were all pretty proud of their accomplishment.


Relaxing at the spa night.


Checking out the llamas.  This bunch of foreigners actually learned a lot during our trip to the fair!


A little sno-cone pick-me-up.


Carmen and Carrie sleepover. I got no pictures of us (except a hideous one) but check out that deformed air mattress I slept on!


Making pies for Rebekah’s baby shower.


The little boy’s table was always so cute!


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