In Pictures: Greenwood

At Conference in Belleville, PA, we were lucky enough to get to stay with other members of Tom’s family  in this beautiful old stone house belonging to Stuart’s cousin (what gracious people!)…


Conference was intense and a bit of a blur. Tom and I were both working for RMM a lot adn catching up with a lot of friends and the kids had full days of kid classes. I got to skip out for a bit to finally go with Mom and see where Anita lives. I loved my tour of their home and garden (thanks for the orange tomatoes, Atti-boy).  it was really fun to have all my sisters there a few times (rare occassion!). And of course, Eliza’s baptism was a highlight.

After Conference, Tom headed back to OH to work and host a Chinese OSU student for part of the week. The kids and I headed to Delaware and Virginia for some grandparent time before school started again and our schedule got a lot less flexible.  Here’s a few of the best parts of our time in Delaware, in pictures…


We got to meet our adorable new niece, Josie  Alma, daughter of Del and Gail. What a sweetheart!

Grandpa treated us to fresh peaches. Silas is eating his very first fresh peach here! YUM.


And first rice krispie treats too!


The kids (and especially Claire) all love the time they get with the animals at Grandpa’s house.


We got to go swimming at Grandpa Schrock’s pool several times too! Si and Blake were big buddies and had a lot of fun playing together.  Ezra too!DSC_0252-001

I didn’t’ take many pictures this time, but we also had a fun Schrock party (so many cousins!), us ladies had another fun shopping day at the outlets, I got to spend some time with my friend Carrie, and I had a yardsale and sold a bunch of stuff from our storage (including our big appliances). It was so much fun to get rid of stuff!

Next, on to Virginia!


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