Settled yet?

Someone asked me ecently if I would talk about re-entry on our blog. Lots of people ask me, “Do you feel settled yet?” Both are hard questions. Mainly because life has been a blur this summer and I feel like we’ve only experienced a little “reality.” For the past three weeks we were at conference and traveling in VA and DE which was fun, but definitely not “settled.” The kids go through a lot of ups and downs. One day in Delaware, we had a fun morning running errands and eating ice cream. On the way home, we were listening to worship music in the car. I glanced into the backseat and Claire had tears streaming down her face. It was a song that we often sang in Thailand and it brought on instant homesickness…which in turn made us all cry. We spent time praying for each other and then had a fun afternoon swim at Grandpa Schrock’s pool. So, it’s like that. It hits us or it doesn’t. We love Columbus and we miss Thailand. We feel cozy and settled and we are hurting and feel like strangers. It’s a strange place to be in and it feels a whole lot (to me) like our adjustment to Thailand. i still can’t quite wrap my brain around that because it seems like it should be so much easier to adapt to our home culture. But it’s different to us now and we don’t know many people in a deep way which is unsettling. So much newness like driving in the city, learning new jobs, new schools, ect. One thing I love about transition is how much closer God feels. It’s like weakness and vulnerability always bring him close. He is our refuge and our strength.


One thought on “Settled yet?

  1. Brittany says:

    Praying for you all!

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