Bluegrass and Splash Fountains


Our new home, Columbus!

This night is such a great memory for me. You really could not ask for more from a FREE city activity! We drove to the river in downtown Columbus for a bluegrass concert (two groups; sorry I can’t remember the names but they were very talented!).


happy and relaxed



We had a picnic and listened to the music and of course, Silas did his extreme dancing.

At first we were bummed because the giant splash fountain was closed for repair! And we came in our swimsuits! But after dark, it was finally fixed and wow, was that a joyful scene!! The fountains were immediately swarmed by screaming kids and the excitement was overwhelming. How much fun to run in fountains, after dark, with steam rising and the sound of bluegrass in the background. Even some of the adults got into the action.  Our kids had the. best. time. And then to top it all off (when they finally emerged, shivering from the fountains), we watched the fireworks from the nearby Clippers stadium while listening to the band’s last numbers. SO. FUN! We love Columbus!




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