Claire’s Choral Camp Top 10

Can you find her? (hint: left side, a middle row. And Uncle Jared is leading!)

Claire had the fun, new experience of going to camp last week! Here are her top 10 best memories of choral camp…

1) Choir. We practiced singing lots of different songs- like Tue Tue, Hine Namatove, and Sweet By and By in parts. This was my favorite class. Uncle Jared taught my favorite songs! In choir, I learned that I really like to sing in a group. I love how it sounds and I love being a part of it and I’d love to do it more!

2) Counselors. I loved the counselors and the atmosphere. I loved how everyone knew Jesus and was really friendly and welcoming. I loved all the counselors but especially Ellen. She was our hall leader and she was so nice. She really wanted to hear about you. In the morning she was always energetic and bright and looking forward to the day- excited about what we were going to do.

3) Group Activities. One of the things I really liked was the hayride- my first one! There were two big carts hooked up to the tractor and both were really full. We went to an area by a little pond on someone’s property and had a hoe down- so much fun! We sang lots of silly new songs and there was violin music we could dance to. Another activity I really liked was the shaving cream fight. It was CRAZY! They put tarp on the grass and everyone went skidding and spraying shaving cream on everyone. Some girls had their hair covered and spiked their hair up. The camp pastor said there were four rules for the fight 1) no head on collision 2) none in the mouth 3) no reckless behavior 4) no shaving cream on the camp pastor. There was also something called the Great Race. Our family group was our team and we went to a station and did an activity and then another station, etc (8 stations)- one of my favorites was a big bowl of chocolate pudding with gummy worms and you had to use chopsticks to get one out and eat it. There was also watermelon seed spitting, egg toss, toilet paper mummies, memorize a Bible verse fast, etc (with medals!).

4) The food was good! Some of my favorites were taco salad, corndogs/pickles/watermelon/fries/pudding, Albanian food (chicken sandwich with yogurt sauce). At every meal there was a card with the memory verse with blanks in it (more blanks each day) and we would say it.

5) Culture class. I liked it a lot because we were able to do things related to that culture- watch videos, see the instruments, eat food from that culture, etc. The cultures we studied were countries in the Balkans. We also got to do a folk dance. The room was decorated with clothes, books, dolls from the culture- it was awesome!We learned about the Romas and set up a Roma camp and we learned about missionaries to that group and we had a prayer time for them and ate some of the traditional stew.

6) Choose-a-spot. You could sign up for any activity you wanted. I did reading (surprise!). It was in this darkish room with big, comfy couches and lots of good books. There was a popcorn machine too! In that room I felt so cozy and relaxed and it was nice to have a little time to myself. I wanted to do art with Aunt Rebekah but everyone wanted to do art so basically the fastest runners always got into art, not the slow people like me. One day I did yard games- there were stilts to practice walking on, jump rope, etc.

7) Secret Sisters. All of our family group (two rooms on our hall) had decorated paper bags on our doors. We each drew a name and secretly made gifts or wrote notes, gave candy, etc. At the end, we found out me and Emma had each other. I felt like me and Emma were able to be together the right amount of time- we each made new friends of our own but were able to be together too (we were roommates).

8) New Friends. I met a really nice girl who was so enthusiastic and cheerful. Her name was Milka. She was really funny and outgoing. We liked to hang out in each others rooms and were in a lot of activities together. We were partners in a running game.Another friend was Demara. She was very tall like me. She liked to draw a lot- she showed me some of the things she drew. She was really nice- more quiet.

9) History class. I love how Uncle Jared teaches! I would love anything he taught! He taught about the history of music and it surprised me that I liked it because I normally don’t like history. He showed us lots of pictures and taught us about like the medieval time period and it was really interesting. He let us listen to lots of clips of what music sounded like in each time period. We learned a Gregorian chant which was fun.

10) One of the things I liked about choral camp was that they kept you really busy all day and I was so tired by the end of the day but I had a good feeling of accomplishment. They had a campfire at the end of two nights. The camp pastor would tell us a Bible story and give us lots of examples of things. I learned a lot and it was really, really encouraging.

Choral camp was a great experience and I think I might do it again next year!

– Claire Mast


2 thoughts on “Claire’s Choral Camp Top 10

  1. Anita says:

    wow, Claire–choral camp sounds amazing!!! Definitely busy with lots of fun and educational activities. Are the new friends ones you will be able to keep in touch with later on? love, Aunt Nita

  2. Betsy says:

    So fun! And, Claire, this is a great essay!
    Aunt Betsy

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