First Visitors

Our new little house has been blessed by many visitors already. Some of the people who have popped by to welcome us to the neighborhood or to see where we’re at (three sibs already- woot!)….

Our old friend/teammate Colleen came to spend the day. (Thanks for making the drive!) So good to be together again and she even helped me paint some small things for the house. Silas especially enjoyed seeing someone who remembered his Thailand life. And thanks for the fun presents, Co!


Rhonda and her parents, Paul and Cindy.  It was so fun to have you at our house, guys.  It was special as Rhonda’s Thailand family to be with her real family! We ate Tom’s delicious Thai food and spent some time at Park of Roses, then stopping for frosties. Rhonda had also come to our house a few days previous, spent the night and then took the girls to her home in Holmes County where they had a WON-DER-FUL whirlwind tour/sleepover. See Rhonda’s blog post Cheese Samples, A Buggy Ride and More for all the details and cute pictures. Rhonda, thanks SO MUCH for planning this great time for the girls. Again, it was wonderful for all of us to be around someone who knows us from our “before” life. Love you, girl! (Rhonda is now living in Nicaragua studying Spanish and getting to know her future in-laws!).

Showalter cousins!! How lucky to see our family from Morocco! They came over one evening for some pizza and a trip to the Park of Roses. Can’t wait to see you again soon!! We love our beautiful new rug!





Rebekah and Jared. They were in the area to teach at choral camp and got to come spend most of Saturday (between camps) with us.  We hung out and talked, took a walk down to the river, had some pizza and played some For Sale. It was fun to have them at church on Sunday too. (unfortunately no pictures!)

Laci Mast!  It was so fun to have our niece, Laci spend part of the week with us while Claire was at choral camp and her parents were at City Challenge with the Greenwood MYF. Fred and Michelle got to stop by last night to. Some pictures of Laci Week…


Making rainbows. It was very hot during Laci’s first few days here, so playing in the hose was a favorite thing to do.  We also had some fun bike rides, library time, frosties, a picnic by the river and lots of playing with Eliza.


Reading Akimbo and the Lions with Daddy/Uncle Tom. For reading time with Mommy/Aunt Candice we read My name is Maria Isabel.



The band plays “It’s Been a Hard Day’s Night. ”



We also ran into these old friends at choral camp and got to have lunch together. Lowell and Amy used to be workers in India and we often saw them on their visa runs to Thailand. It was so good to reconnect and talk about re-entry with friends who have also gone through it.

Some fun stop-bys: Dion (from our Reach team), Gabby and Marcus Peachy,  Hans, Joelle and Marley (thanks for the very fun welcome basket! Joelle was a Reacher in Thailand),  Kevin and Kristin and kids (on home assignment from China), our landlords Chad and Deborah, Brittany and Brian (newlyweds! Brittany was a former Reacher x2), and Nikki and Rachel (from our most recent Reach team).

We’re really excited to have Dietrich and Abbey come for a few days next week as they move from Montanta to Virginia!

Anybody else want to come??


2 thoughts on “First Visitors

  1. Anita says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe later in the fall when things calm down from summertime. =)

  2. Eve says:

    It was so fun seeing you all and your place oh so briefly. Let’s start working on a time we can see each other again!

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