A Few of our Favorite Things (Clintonville)

Summarizing what the last few weeks have been like feels overwhelming. There were hard parts: culture shock, learning new jobs, missing Thailand, adjusting to a new budget, meeting lots of new people, driving stick shift in the city (stomach in knots, hands shaking). But what I really want to do is remember all the good parts, so here’s a partial list of some of the things we’ve been loving…


Berries! Strawberries, raspberries and blueberries get devoured around here.

Cool rains and especially watching the rain from the porch swing or listening to the rain in bed.

Whetstone Library also known as heaven for bookworms. We can’t believe we get to check out or order any book we want, plus movies, magazines and story time! Amazing.

Park of Roses. I can’t believe this beautiful place is within biking distance.  We love to read the names of the roses, smell them, play in the fountain, and play on the playground. Last time we were there, Eliza collected a bottle full of petals, came home and took a rose filled bath!

Eating Thai food three times. I’m so happy that Tom likes cooking Thai food- we all are. He makes trips on his bike to the Asian grocery to pick up special ingredients.


Making food I love and couldn’t make in Thailand- like hummus and pizza and cooking with Eliza.

Being with our friends from church again. The MST “meeting” that was more like a party with bbq, swimming, and ladder ball.

Watching fireworks from the roof of our car in a parking lot.

Potluck with our new neighbors.

Sharing a job. We are both really enjoying our 2 1/2 days in the office and our turn to be home with the kids. Tom is liking his new stay-at-home-dad role for half the week. It’s great for me too because he does stuff like taking Silas to the library, mowing the lawn, fixing things, doing laundry and cooking dinner. 

Si’s little buddy Caleb. His great aunt lives next door and he lives there on weekends. He always comes over and says, “Can we have a playdate?” He and Silas especially like racing in the backyard.

Rediscovering my favorite stores and finding awesome new ones like the Ding and Dent in Plain City!

Riding bike.  This is one of Tom’s favorite new things.  We are right on the bike path and there are so many places we can walk or bike- which is great since we have one car! The rain has been keeping us from doing it as much as we want.

For the kids: catching lightening bugs, discovering Queen Anne’s Lace, mashing up wild strawberries and mushrooms,  making a pretend roasting spit in the backyard, building block towers,  reading in the reading corner.


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