Moving in!

After all the moving we’ve been doing, it was giant relief to settle down and move in! Mom and Dad Mast were a huge help to us- helping us load our things from storage in Delaware, driving with us to Ohio (we really needed the help driving since we had our new stick shift car and a moving truck and I didn’t feel qualified to drive either one). Then they stayed with us for about five days and helped tremendously with painting, unpacking, kids, etc. We are so grateful we had their help!


So much stuff! We sorted some for our yard sale in August and we still had plenty to pack this truck full. We started to ask ourselves where all this was going in our new little duplex!


We found some fun stuff in storage too. Claire rediscovered an old doll favorite doll and had fun trying on my wedding dress (in fact, all four girls tried it on!).


Del was instrumental in packing the truck. It was like a puzzle and took lots of pondering but he did it!! Only one box wouldn’t fit!


After a long day of driving our three vehicles to Columbus we were met with a group of cheerful helpers from our church who made short work of helping us unload. (Shannon Scheffel coordinated everything- THANK YOU! She even brought snack for the workers and a casserole for later- bless you!)


The house full of boxes was a little overwhelming. We were happy to leave it all behind and sleep at the RIC for the night.


Dad did a lot of painting for us. Our church had helped us immensely by coming in and starting the painting for us earlier in the week. It made our job a LOT easier!

Mom washed a lot of dishes that were grubby from storage and helped me figure out where to put it all in my bitty kitchen!

First meal in the new house! Feels so good to sit around this table again and we are so grateful to Susannah for the RIC leftovers she passed on. We hardly had to cook all week.


DSC_0020Sunday was a wonderful day for relaxing and forgetting about moving for a little. After church, we went with our church friends to a lake for a potluck and swimming.


In the evening, we went to the park of roses for a concert and bbq from Ray Ray’s Hog Pit- just what we needed.

DSC_0718Singing in the car.


Claire was so happy and proud to finish her doll comforter for the doll bunk bed in her room. Thanks for all the help and coaching, Grandma!


We had fun exploring Columbus together. We discovered a park and liked feeding the geese down at the river.Grandpa bought us Frosties one night after a stop at the playground near the RIC (we stayed there three nights). For Grandma’s birthday, we had Italian food at Smiths and watched a downpour which thankfully stopped in time for us to walk home!


And on Monday, we moved in for REAL! We live here!
DSC_0732We spent a lot of time emptying boxes and finding homes for all our stuff (and shopping when we discovered what we were still missing). The kids enjoyed lots of grandparents times- here stories and sudoku.

DSC_0014It didn’t take long for Eliza and I to start baking!  We love the breeze from this window where we mix our dough.


Birthday breakfast for Grandma and also last breakfast since this is the day they had to go.

DSC_0009Happy birthday!! We love you!!


One thought on “Moving in!

  1. Abigail says:

    Your house looks amazing! We can’t wait to visit. Also, I love Eliza’s face in the last picture!

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