Hello, Delaware

What a wonderful time we had in Delaware! We really loved having so much time with grandparents and cousins, aunts and uncles. Thanks for making it so fun for us, Mast family!


Getting to meet Tessa for the first time. Love that huge grin and dimples! She is a charmer!


Grandma’s ever-delightful dress up box!


The kid’s table.


Claire loves Penny and Spotty Bob.


And the adorable chicks!


More dress up


We ate SO MUCH food. Oof. Delicious! (Greenwood bbq chicken, homemade ice cream, steak on the grill, cantalope, corn on the cob, Del’s grilled salmon. Wow.) Michelle made beautiful strawberry pies.  DSC_0474

A fun outing to buy used bikes for most of us.

Mexican food with Grams and Gramps. The kids are big fans of chips and salsa and quesadillas.


At Grandpa Schrock’s pool.DSC_0508 DSC_0519

Yummy dairy farm- made ice cream with George and Mindy who came in for the weekend. Thanks, guys!


We got to be there to celebrate Blake and Tessa’s birthdays.


Tussling with Uncle Tom.DSC_0538 DSC_0549

Crab feast!!! Yum! Best meal of all! And Uncle Ted, Aunt Hannah, and Aunt Debbie came to visit. (Tom also preached at Greenwood Mennonite this morning).


Claire and Eliza got sewing lessons from Grandma and LOVED using the sewing machines making doll comforters.


All the cousins in age order. Claire, Allison, Eliza, Laci, Owen, Silas, Ezra, Blake, and Tessa.


Eliza and Laci are cousins and pals.


Oldest and youngest.DSC_0687

Si LOVES helping Grandpa mow!

Another highlight for me which I don’t have a picture of was the fun girl’s day out with Mom, Mindy, Gail, and Michelle, shopping in Philly. Mindy hosted us and took us out for a taco lunch and then we (mostly me) shopped for hours at Ikea where i found lots of stuff for the house. Very fun. In the meantime, the men took the kids to the zoo!  More on the move, next!


One thought on “Hello, Delaware

  1. Philip says:

    great to catch up on all your family’s going ons! so fun!

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