Virginia Birthday

This was my first birthday in Virginia since who knows when. It was very fun to be with my Rhodes family on the day.  I even got my favorite weather- rainy and chilly!


First, Tom took me out for a really fun breakfast at L & S Diner. Even though it’s been in VA for 60 years, this was my first time eating there. Delicious egg, sausage, cheese biscuits and fun hanging out with my favorite person and a bunch of old guys. Then we did some fun shopping and then headed home.


The kids and Tom and I had a little family time together and they gave me their sweet gifts and homemade cards… Claire (real simple subscription), Tom (turquoise clock, cookbook, T pendant), Eliza (homemade coupons for all kinds of jobs, back rubs, etc), Silas (tea).

Then the local Rhodes’s came over for a bbq/picnic. Since it was rainy, we relocated to the shop. They gave me beautiful presents and made me feel completely spoiled! The girls decorated,  Tom grilled burgers, I got to meet Ada, we admired and cuddled Soren, the cousins played together so nicely on the trampoline, Rebekah made a tall and delicious pb chocolate cake, and we had fun hanging out together.  Thanks, everybody for the wonderful bday!












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