Hello, Virginia

I love the comfort of going “home” to visit VA.  There’s just something about being back where I come from! For me, being in Virginia is all about traditions. We do some new things, but mostly, we love doing the things we do every time we come. It was so fun to be there in Spring/Summer and enjoy the pretty valley.



“Here we go a rockin’, tickin’ and a tockin’, here we go a rockin’ in a rocking chair, OH….”  (tickles, falling on floor). ….Silas requested this tradition almost immediately on arrival.

Making monkey bread with Grandma. I think the girls have made these or dewy buns pretty much every visit.


Jess’s Quick lunch. Classic.


And Klines. We tried three of the four weekly flavors at the two locations: cake batter, chocolate pb, and blueberry cheesecake. Oh yeah.


Train rides with Granddaddy that did the lawnmower in


Uncle and aunt time!

DSC_0191See Grandaddy’s scrapbooks (and staying up past bedtime).

Playing with cousins. (Atticus)


Hanging out with siblings. Martin and Sylvia hosted us and Anita for a yummy picnic and backyard bonfire (with smores!).  Rebekah and Jared had us over on a rainy Saturday morning for a delicious breakfast and For Sale. (and a sleepover and craft night for the girls).


Mom made So. Much. good food for us. This is one thing I request every time…split pea soup- it tastes like home!

Along with the traditions, there were some firsts…


Mom and Dad bought us our first Thai food since the move. It made us really happy and really homesick.


I began to learn to drive stick shift in our new car thanks to the patient coaching of Tom, Dad, and Rebekah. I started in the Weaver’s parking lot, moved on to the T.A.H.S. parking lot in rain, then dirt roads (even had a horse encounter!), and ended up on Rt. 42.  I still have a lot to learn and practicing to do!

Visiting and helping maintain the Rhodes Cemetery. Very interesting! Dad and Mom also showed us many old pictures and told us lots of stories about our ancestors.  We read some of the letters of Great Grandmother Dora and Dad printed my favorite family pictures for me.  We love giving our kids this sense of history and roots .

DSC_0323Learning to bat with Grandaddy.  Uncles Jared and Philip were good coaches too.

Thanks, family for a wonderful visit!! We love you and can’t wait to come back in August when all the family can be together.


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