Hello, Ohio

We’ve been neglecting our blog lately while soaking in family love and good times and pretty places for the last few weeks. Enjoying such uplifting, fun, and refreshing times makes me realize how tired and emotional we were when we arrived in the U.S. just over two weeks ago.  When we landed, we had a few days in Ohio, staying at the RIC with the goal of dropping off a lot of our luggage, spending time with Carmen and Jason and family, seeing our new house, visiting our house and running errands in our new hometown, Columbus…


Sweet cousins and friends- they had a wonderful day together!


We really loved having our two families together again. It was so cute at this meal, the three conversations going on between Claire/Dara, Eliza/Lydia, and Luke/Silas.


A birthday party for Carmen.  Taco salad picnic and lots of whipping wind!


Happy birthday to a sister i love and respect! It’s so fun to be in the same time zone again, even if we were together just a day. Can’t wait till August.

Cousins that really seemed to hit it off this time. 🙂


Grandaddy stories and strawberry shortcake.


Jetlag strikes again.

Visting our new house! That’s the owner, our new friend Deborah on the left. We’ll live on the left side (when facing) of this duplex.  Love it!

Visiting Park of Roses- very close to our new house!


DSC_0146Chat with Grandmom.


2 thoughts on “Hello, Ohio

  1. colleenmaust says:

    Your house looks so cool! I live it!

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