Moving Day

Last week was a lot of hard work leading up to the move.  Moving day itself, we had so much help- it was wonderful. Ladies to do the last minute kitchen packing and house cleaning and lots of men with big guns to help load the trucks and pack the storage room. We were grateful!!



Piak, Lan, and Ponchai were very cheerful helpers.

DSC_0069The whole gang.

DSC_0073Thank you lunch and our last Isaan meal.


By one we were done. The girls took naps in their empty room.

DSC_0101Then the sad part. Our family went to each empty room together, took pictures and talked about some of our memories- and cried a lot. Silas got so emotional by the end he was loudly bemoaning everything we were leaving, down to the fridge and watercooler.  That got a little funny, but mostly we felt sad and drained. Claire went to visit Lewis’s spot in the neighbor’s flower bed.


DSC_0091So very strange seeing our rooms empty.


Then we moved over to JP to the Reachers old room for a few nights before flying out. Best memories: watching cartoons, Si’s glow in the dark glasses, the nightly playlist to help us all sleep. i was fighting a very bad cold and praying for God’s healing before the flight. He was so good to me- it cleared up the day we flew out!

We all loved our house on Soi 12 and will miss it very much!


One thought on “Moving Day

  1. Abigail says:

    Oh my gosh. The pictures of sad kids made me cry. We’re happy you’re back but we feel your pain.

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