Last Lunch

For lunch our very last day in Thailand, we thought it would be fun to each order our favorite “everyday” lunch from one of our favorite places, the noodle shop…

DSC_0362 DSC_0381Thai macaroni 
DSC_0383 Curried porkDSC_0384Ramen stir-fry

DSC_0382Basil chicken and fried eggDSC_0387

Garlic chicken and fried egg

We will miss Thai food!

What a surreal- feeling day. We finished getting our checked bags ready, visited with Seri, and moved over to the hotel. None of us could believe it was really our last day. One sad sight, our final time at our house was this…


Ulai, our landlady, was already burning incense in the yard and making a spirit offering. It was really hard for all of us to see that when our house has been a place for the Holy Spirit for the last seven years. Eliza actually got pretty angry and threw some oranges on the ground (Urai wasn’t there). I wanted to do that too. We went inside and sang scripture songs until we felt better. It’s a very good reminder that the spiritual need here is still great.




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