38 Spankings

Eliza and Silas made sure Tom got his full 38 birthday spankings yesterday! It seems like all our birthdays this year have been two parters because of busy days on actual birthdays. Tom’s was like that too. He and I went on a fun birthday date over the weekend and we had a little family breakfast on his actual birthday because it was also the day the Reach team left Thailand and we had dinner with team and said our good-byes to them.  Here are a few pictures of our celebrations of Tom. We are so lucky to have a husband and dad who takes such very good care of us all…


Birthday picnic on the patio- egg casserole with ham and mushrooms, wheat toast, fried potatoes, grapes, oranges, kiwi.




Eliza wrote this little poem in Tom’s card…

I love my daddy

My daddy is nice

I love helping him pick bugs out of rice.

When daddy’s around, it’s always fair

And he reads us the stories of Old Buster Bear.

When Daddy leave for Chiang Mai we all say boo-hoo.

Our family wouldn’t be nice without a daddy like you. 


A little birthday tradition: blueberry cheesecake.


Happy birthday! Your gray hair makes you even more handsome!


Oishi! We are going to miss Japanese food, especially sushi.


My weird combo of cheese and crackers with sushi.DSC_0176

I was in love with these steps at Siam Discovery!

DSC_0187Looking forward to another adventurous year with you!


One thought on “38 Spankings

  1. Betsy says:

    Eliza, what a delightful poem!

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