Right now life is full of  last times doing things.  Our countdown chain is getting short! About 17 links left but I try not to think about that much. 🙂 Unlike Christmas, this countdown is happy AND sad.

Here are a few of the “lasts” we’ve been experiencing…


1) Good-bye night out with my dear friend Ju.  Ju is someone that I believe God placed in my life to be my friend.  I am SO thankful for her and have learned so much from her.   We like to try new things when we’re together and we decided to keep that going with our last time. We went to this crazy Chinese restaurant called Royal Dragon that is supposedly in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest restaurant in 1992. Well, from the way it looked, it’s been going downhill ever since! 🙂 The website makes it all sound very grand- like you will be served flaming dishes from a high wire and that the waiters wear roller skates. We saw a couple of roller skaters but not delivering our food and the there was a guy riding a zipline with the same flaming pot of soup about five times during the evening. 🙂 And there were maybe 50 other diners in the “largest restaurant in the world.” We kind of knew it would be like that, so we weren’t’ disappointed  We had a great night eating (actually really great) Thai seafood and noodles and relaxing and enjoying eating outdoors and watching the Thai dances.  I will miss my friend very much!! We are both hoping she can come visit me in the States.


In her new glasses from me. How cute is she?

DSC_0258HUGEST menus ever.

DSC_0268Fish with Chinese celery and mushrooms

2. Group meetings at our house. We have hosted many, many meetings over the years.  It felt strange to have our last two this month- the first with Paul and Trudi visiting. We ate supper and sang together. And this week we had our last team meeting and said our team good-byes to Rhonda and the Reachers (sounds like a music group).

DSC_0195Sorry, we just got the back of your head, Paul.

3. Family Nights. We’re enjoying our last family nights in Thailand. Last night, Silas convinced the whole family to get in the kiddie pool to play games and then the kids had milkshakes and we looked at family pictures. We are working our way slowly through all our Thailand pictures and have finally made it to 2010. Shew. We take a lot of pictures!  Snowy Chewy is still on the agenda.


4. Wrapping lots of gifts and writing lots of good-byes to all the people we are leaving. I loved Silas’s to Rachel from the Reach team.


5.  Times with Rhonda. The girls had their last sleepover at Rhonda’s apartment and their last time at their favorite coffee shop, Mr. Totti. Good times,  good memories.


6. Last night, Ulai and Seri took us and Rhonda and the Reachers out for grilled pork to say good-bye…



Silas says, “America is this big.”

7.  Last girl’s night out. Us team girls try to get together about once a month for girl’s nights.  We went to Sunrise Tacos on Cinco de Mayo and to Terminal 21 for frozen yogurt and/or cupcakes. 🙂 So muchfun!

DSC_0285And a first!! A nice rain which we *hope* is the beginning of the rainy season! I love to see the kids enjoying the first rain of the season. Look at those twirly girls!
Packing is well underway. There are many suitcases, trunks and boxes all over the house in various stages of packed. The Reachers came over one morning this week and it was a tremendous boost to have three extra pairs of hands. I couldn’t believe how much we got done!! Thanks so much, ladies! Hoping our furniture starts to sell soon. We are moving out May 25!


One thought on “Lasts

  1. Betsy says:

    Love the “america is this big” pic of s. Yep, the world is not so big after all. Much love during this time!

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