Homeschool Highlights

Curious Minds Homeschool officially ended on April 30. Hooray!! It was a good year but we are all ready to move on.  I think we’re all glad that we took this year to study together and to get ready for studying in American public school. On the other hand, some days were hot and we were grouchy and we missed having more friendships outside our home. For that reason, we’re glad it was a one year solution but I think it’s a year that the three of us will remember fondly. On the last day we each made a list of the things we especially liked about this year and sat down and shared them together. Here is our combined top 10:

1) Morning quiet times. We all grew in our faith this year and the morning connection with God helped us all with attitude and focus. We liked sharing what we were learning with each other.

2) Our mid-morning, 15 minute break because Claire and Eliza got to chat and relax and Mom had fun coming up with healthy fun snacks and looking at Pinterest. Also loved baking with Eliza during these breaks.

3) Poetry stage. All of us really learned to love poetry even more this year and all have some special favorites. Eliza even memorized a few little ones. We liked learning to read with expression and clarity.  Eliza liked to illustrate the poems we read.

4) The marble motivation system. It helped us to have good attitudes and try really hard on spelling tests and math and we enjoyed our rewards of watching Arthur, drinking slurpees at 7 , and having extra talking time. We also enjoyed our school days out which also helped motivate our learning.

5) Scripture memory.  I am really proud of the girls for their focus in learning a LOT of scripture this year. We LOVE the fact that we hid God’s word in our heart and can pull it up whenever we want. It was a great faith boost for all three of us and it’s something we really want to continue doing together.

6) Art Appreciation. Although Eliza didn’t like taking notes, we all really enjoyed learning about art and artists this year. WE learned how God gave each artist a really unique talent and style. We learned how many artists had painful childhoods or illnesses/financial difficulty and how pain can inspire amazing creativity.

7) Claire enjoyed increasing her vocabulary through reading a lot of books and learning vocab and said it was exciting to learn new words.

8) State Capitals. We had a lot of fun learning all the State Capitals this year. We especially liked the jump/twirl contest we played to practice them. We also had fun learning more in depth about a few of the States and watching videos of the scenery. Our favorite was Alaska.

9) Eliza especially enjoyed her American History book and is especially interested in inventions.

10) I really loved seeing the girls’ improvements this year. I saw them learn a lot about each other and how to get along in their differences. I saw them both grow much stronger at math, learn a lot about history and science,  and their writing and spelling got so much better. It was fun to be their teacher and get to see these improvements constantly. I also loved having so much more time with my girls. I feel like I know them so much better than I did when they were going to Thai school.  I like them a lot and I’m happy for this time we got to be together, even though we did get annoyed with each other at times. Claire said we all grew in respect for each other this year.

Then there are a few subjects that we didn’t really “enjoy” but are glad we learned- like mulitiplication tables, long division, American History (a lot of parts were very painful to learn about and Hiroshima made us cry).

Love you, my little students! Enjoy your summer and your new start at Clinton Elementary!




Claire was so happy to be done with her HUGE math book.


The teacher was happy too.


Eliza sharing her highlights.


6 thoughts on “Homeschool Highlights

  1. Vicki Esh says:

    Happy for you all that you finished! I look forward to hearing how the transition to Clinton Elem goes. Praying it all goes smoothly and that this will be a positive experience for all of you!

  2. Betsy says:

    Thanks for sharing this!! And for working so hard this year! It sounds like a great time learning and growing. Thinking about you all as you move towards us!

  3. Brittany says:

    Precious. You’re a great teacher and mom!

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