Broke-down Science Museum and First Good-byes

Tom’s been gone (in Chiang Mai) since Thursday. We’re running out of food, getting bored with ourselves, and very ready for his return. Family night tonight- woohoo! We are at work today, homeschooling and going through and sorting art supplies. Man, you do not realize how settled into a house you are until it’s time to move and you can’t believe all the junk you accumulated!

We are starting our good-byes. Even though we still have a month, we are trying to spread it out and not leave all our time with friends until the last crazy week.  On Thursday, Erin and I took our combined kids (eight!) to the science museum.  Our families met last summer on vacation and the girls and Elizabeth hit it off and have spent time together several times since. Silas and the boys like each other too. The museum was the type of place that was obviously great at some point about 15 years ago. 🙂 The planetarium was closed, sadly. Anyway, the kids still found plenty of ways to enjoy this broken down place and us mom’s were kept busy corralling and steering our big combined brood.

(one kid missing)DSC_0346




So, first good-byes done. Many more to come.


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