She’s 8!


Eliza had a two part birthday just like Claire this year. Tom left for Chiang Mai the day before her April 26 birthday, so we celebrated as a family a few days before. We like to go on some kind of adventure for birthdays so this year we tried a new one- Kidzania at the Paragon Mall- a town for kids- wow. Pretty amazing. A few pictures from her big day…


She was greeted downstairs by a garland of pictures of herself and love notes from all of us. We REALLY love this sweet girl.


One year old picture (when we first moved to Thailand) and love note from Daddy.


DSC_0193Off to breakfast at the Noodle Shop with Dad (omlette  and a coffee shared with Dad).


So, as I said, Kidzania is like a town for kids. Kids can do jobs to earn or pay money learn/do/play at jobs. Here, they got to do some dental work on a cooperative dummy named James.


Then, they learned to make sushi and got to eat the results for lunch. Yum!


In the firetruck, headed to put out a fire.


Putting out the fire at Flames Hotel.


Becoming bottlers at the coke factory. They got to completely make their own bottle of coke to keep.


Claire read the news and an ad on the radio that was broadcast into the city.
DSC_0275Picking up and delivering packages around town.

Besides the above, they worked in the hospital nursery, got eye exams, climbed a wall, were paramedics and rode in an ambulance   flew an airplane (in an actual Air Asia plane), decorated a room, and took driving lessons. It was so fun. Adults were encouraged not to interfere, so we spent our day hanging out waiting for them in the “streets”. Very fun to see them busily play/working at all their tasks. They LOVED  it. We left Si home for the day because it was a bit old for him but he would have loved to fix cars, pump gas, and put out flames for sure!


We had moo yang for supper (E’s choice).


Birthday spankings are followed by hugs.  When Grandpa Mast called, he also gave her 8 “spankings” and she said that makes her 16. 

Silas took his gift handing-out responsibilities quite seriously.


Pretty excited for her Indian doll! She also got paint from Grandaddy and Grandmom, a sketch book, two books, a dress, a watch from Claire, a date with Dad, a hair salon app,  a watercolor Eliza from Mom, a Rapunzel hairbrush, and a butterfly purse. 




Her “actual” birthday was a low key Friday at home with Mom and siblings.  

We did a little breakfast in bed for the birthday girl. Sprinkle pancakes, ham, kiwi, tea.  DSC_0388

She’s come a long way!


Lunch with her good friend Rhonda, some leftover b’day cake, a great gift from Rhonda and Nixon– Monopoly Deal!


Pizza for supper.DSC_0403Claire planned a siblings party for after supper.  She did a treasure hunt for Eliza leading to this prize on top of the fridge (she bought and put everything together herself). And for Silas, he had a series of challenges to complete before he got his snack and robot notebook. I was so proud of her hard work and creativity. Then they had their snack and watched a movie together.

Happy Birthday, Eliza! We all love you so much and are so proud of you!


One thought on “She’s 8!

  1. Brittany says:

    that kid place looks awesome! I’m glad Eliza had a good birthday. Looks like you guys made her feel special!

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