One day in Penang


Ferry Ride from Butterworth to Penang. 

Once we got to Penang, it felt like a whirlwind trying to see as much of the city as possible in the 23 hours before we had to fly back home! We dropped our stuff off at our tiny, funny Japanese style hostel (we really liked it- bare concrete, tiny rooms, very fun), and started walking in the blazing heat.  We stayed in the historic district and I loved the architecture and color in the neighborhood. Here are a few pictures from our exploring…


Ryoken Chic Hostel was pretty great.


Our teeny, bed-filled room and concrete floor.


Intricate stone carving on a Chinese temple on the same street as our hostel.

Having a little pick-me up of passion fruit iced tea in a British-style cafe.  Pretty refreshing after a night on the train and lots of sweating!


Loved the beautiful mosaic, unique windows and pretty colors.


This is kind of stupid, but I always enjoy stop signs in different languages.


A beautiful mosque in the neighborhood. There were so many temples, mosques and churches in Penang. Much more diversity of religion than in BKK.


Burning offerings in front of another Chinese Temple.

DSC_0107A pedicab ride. Pedicab drivers are amazing! Our driver was pedaling in the heat, giving a tour and wasn’t even out of breath! We got to see the waterfront area and Fort Cornwallis.


At this point, we took a bus across town to a famous street food hawker market. The choices were overwhelming. We wished we could try it all but settled for clay pot chicken, fried oysters, laksa and bubble tea. 


Apparently laksa is one of the most famous dishes of Malaysia.  To me it had a strong, unfamiliar flavor that I associate with shampoo or hairspray! Maybe the ginger flower gives it that flavor. I’m not sure. Anyway, it was not my favorite noodle soup, but Tom enjoyed it. I loved the clay pot chicken. 



This was right on the waterfront, so we enjoyed the sunset and sitting by the water after dark.  Took the bus back home and I crashed facedown while Tom watched soccer. Btw, Tom was such a good navigator- we rode buses and bikes the whole time and he always figured out the routes. So glad I have him to follow around since I’m pretty hopeless in this area. 🙂


The next morning, we rented bikes from the hostel and started out for some more exploring in the hothothot sun. 


Back to the waterfront.



I liked this crazy ghost house along the way. At some points, the traffic was quite insane. As we were pedaling through these busy intersections, I kept reminding Tom that we have three kids at home and can’t leave them without parents. 🙂


At stop at a coffee place/foodcourt for a much needed drink and second breakfast to keep us pedaling. Three layer coffee with brown sugar syrup on the bottom. Yum! That an another stop for icy lime drinks in bags kept us going.DSC_0147

Sesame, banana pancakes.DSC_0152

An election was about to take place and there were flags and signs everywhere.DSC_0150
And early lunch. I was still too full of banana pancakes to eat this but Tom had to try this famous Malaysian food before we left that afternoon.
After this, we took a long bus ride to the airport and happily headed back home to our kids. A fun little adventure and much more fun than a lonely all day bus ride to Cambodia for sure!!

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