To Butterworth by Train

For a long time, Tom has wanted to take the southern train route to Butterworth, Malaysia.  I needed a visa run this month,  so we decided to both go and make it a fast (2 day!) getaway and take the ferry over to Penang for a day. The lovely Rhonda kept the kids for us.  The train ride took 23 hours.  We weren’t sure if it would be fun or miserable but it was completely the first. We had a very relaxing time- reading a lot, playing Phase 10, having a picnic that we brought along, and enjoying the pretty rice fields and trees out the window.  We had some kinda loud Thai neighbors but they were friendly too and took a great interest in our card games.


I like the Hualamphong train station even though it is grungy and smells weird.


I like the outside view even better. It looks so grand.


Relaxed and happy with our kindles.





Phase 10


Heading to bed in my bunk- you can see our neighbors here. There were some snorers across the aisle.


Sunny morning view through the train window.


Pretty rice and palms.



I’ll add some pictures of our day in Penang soon.


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