Three Days of Songkran

Songkran is the Thai New Year April 13-15,which includes a big water fight. This year, most of our team and friends were traveling out to homes in the country so our neighborhood and our Songkran party were a little quieter than usual.  We really loved having some family days to play Rumikub and Phase 10, have family devotions (we’re doing big stories starting at the beginning of the Bible to increase Si’s Bible literacy), lots of pool time and popsicles (still hot), start a new re-entry book, watch a nature movie (strangely, we are against cheetah’s attacking springboks and lions attacking elephants, but we are totally rooting for a starving polar bear eating a walrus), eat in the living room,  look for water fights, start to pack up our house (we have luggage in our living room now),  and have a dinner with old and new friends.

 God got in on Songkran- there were about four big rains/thunderstorms this week, totally out of season. We LOVED it.


Tom took us out on the motorcycle, looking for water fights. We found them! There were kids with buckets and guns all through the neighborhoods. Sometimes they would block the motorcycle and smear our faces with powder and dump, sometimes warm, sometimes icy water over our heads.




BBQ ribs, hotdogs, asparagus  potato salad, and chocolate peanut butter bars. We got to meet Dave and Myrea Miller who used to work with Dan in Nicaragua and are now moving to Southern Thailand to work.  And of course our holidays would not be complete without Mr. Dan.

DSC_0015Dan came in his songkran shirt, prepared for water battle. Silas loved that.


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